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The Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo: March 2009
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We are a member-driven association for the purpose of enhancing the economic value and membership benefits for Texas owners/breeders of their ADCA-registered Dexter cattle.

What are Dexter Cattle?

Dexters are an old, established and naturally small breed of hardy cattle utilized for their beef, milk, and in some cases, for their muscle as farm workers. Originating in Ireland, the cattle became popular among small landholders in Europe who would keep a Dexter cow in the backyard to provide the family's supply of fresh milk and meat. Their small size, coupled with their docile temperament, has led to their increasing popularity in the United States. Dexters are easy to handle, and pound for pound, are one of the most productive breeds at turning poor forage into rich milk and delicious meat. That makes them a perfect choice for the small-acreage farmer, and their meat is ideally suited for today's health-conscious consumers.

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